introduced to cameras at a young age, metro detroit raised cinematographer michael kettenbeil has developed sense of style that is unique, delicate, and attractive. after highschool, michael decided to continue his education and pursue a career in the film industry. he was accepted into the motion picture institute in troy, michigan with focus on cinematography and editing. in his first year after school at 19 years old, he won various awards for cinematography, shot multiple micro-budget indie feature films with hollywood names and branded content for major companies. currently, he is a part of growth & co., a close-knit mentorship program for emerging cinematographers with mentors such as: sing howe yam, natalie kingston, mike reyes, nyk allen, cristina dunlap and carson nyquist. michael is currently based in chicago working on commercial, documentary, and narrative projects. in his free time, you can find him playing adult league hockey, skateboarding, cycling and shooting 35mm film photos.

full c/v and reel available upon request.


+1 248 310 8452